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Learn The secrets Behind Crude Oil Deals

Energy crisis has become a very common slogan in every household today. In the 80’s and 90’s, unleaded gasoline was 99 cent per gallon. What happened to that price? If you own a car, you own a stake in the oil industry.

There are many players in this game. You and I are one of the players, but we feed the circle of the fat cats. The next players are the refineries, who buy the crude, refine it and sell it to us (the end users). The next stage of players, are the Facilitators and Brokers. They have minimal or no investment portfolio but they walk away with millions of dollars. They are between the producers (sellers) and buyers.  This book addresses their role in the industry and takes you step by step to becoming that class of players. They find buyers and sellers, and put a deal or deals together for them. Another group of players are the speculators, who by virtue of their expertise they make money just by predicting the rise and fall of oil price. They study both the environmental and political variables affecting oil price in the oil producing countries (communities).

It is very easy to become one or two of these players with a minimal investment and I will teach you how. This article will introduce you to a Step-By-Step process to becoming a facilitator or a broker and complete a successful Crude Oil Deal or deals within few months or to understand how crude oil deals are done.

This is not one of those “Get Rich Quick” books, but it teaches the reader the long-held secrets by big-time Agents, facilitators, and all big sharks in the Crude Oil business. You will learn “How to Work Smart”. This will open your eyes and minds to join the team of the big players in crude oil business. If you are looking for a Get Rich Quick book without working smart, then, this is not for you.  There is never any easy ride to riches. We will completely show you how you can do it “Step-By-Step”. You must pay special attention to all the details described therein.  If you follow all the details, your success rate will be 95%.- 100%.

The manual is for you if you have worked too hard without a positive result and you know how to read and follow instructions. The manual is for you if you want to work smart and can follow the step-by-step instructions offered in this article.

“This is a Step-By-Step guide for oil deals”

Why I wrote this manual:

The information in the manual is my gift to all my readers and my contribution to the world. There’s nothing more fulfilling than showing people the clear path to financial freedom and happiness. Sam. Nelson

If you are searching for a sure, fast and genuine way to earn fast, steady, honest living and how to become a millionaire, I bet, this is the right manual for you. Please spend enough time and read this step-by-step instruction, and learn how amazing you will make money in just few months, by becoming an Oil Deal Facilitator or broker.

·        Let’s review these Questions:
  • Do you know crude oil sources for Refineries?
  • Do you know who facilitate these Oil Deals?
  • Do you know who the Agents are?
  • Did you know that you can become an Oil Deal Facilitator make money  within few months?
  • Did you know that you can become a Buyer’s or Seller’s Agent?
  • Did you know that you can EARN lots of money just for successfully closing one Oil deal within few months?
  • Did you know that all you need is just a phone line, an Internet connection and a table/chair in you kitchen to become a facilitator? No Registration Required.
  • Did you know that you can work from your kitchen, basement, bedroom, setting your own schedule and making money within few months?
  • Did you know that crude oil is sold in quantities of 1 – 2 million barrel lots?
  • Did you know that both buyers and seller are constantly looking for reliable Agents and facilitators like you?
These questions are all answered as you go through the manual, so get ready to get the answers when you read the manual.

Going back to the questions above, I can only ask you to answer those questions honestly. If your answer is “NO” to four of the above ten questions, you need to learn the amazing secrets of how this manual can change your life forever by becoming an Oil Deal Facilitator or a broker and earn a lot of money within few months.

If you already have a phone and an Internet access, your only investment is just this step-by-step (manual). You have just made a wise decision. You have inducted yourself into the Millionaires Club! Welcome To The Club!  Please continue reading:  NOTE: This manual is organized in a book format with all details and appendix plus documentation samples you may need.

If you need more information, please leave your contact information in the comment area. A completely compiled copy could be delivered to you upon request.  All requests must be made in the comment area with your full address, email and phone number.

Please take a quick pick at Module One of this book below.  It is organized in an easy to read daily English and not more than 150 pages. It is quick and straight to the points. If you can read the first module of the manual below, you need to contact me for a full version of the manual.

Module One

Before we go further, let me answer one of those ten questions I asked earlier above. It is very necessary to have those questions answered as a stepping- stone towards a complete understanding of this article.

·        Let’s answer this Question:

·         Crude oil sources for Refineries?
Refineries around the world are not Oil explorers or Oil drillers. They depend on crude Oil produced from oil rich countries: transport the crude by Oil Tankers to their refining plants. They utilize the services of oil sourcing agents and facilitator like you. Is it not interesting to know this fact?  At the end of this paragraph, you will see the complete list of major oil producing countries in the world. Check this list out.

World Crude Oil resources

Available in the book

World Crude Oil producers
Country 2001  2002        2003
Available in the book

We know you must have been asking these questions:
  • How do we get crude oil for refining?
  • Who buys for them?
  • How are these deals made?
  • Who makes these deals?
  • How much money (in millions of dollar) do they have to complete a deal?
  • Can I facilitate an Oil Deal?
  • What does it take to become a Facilitator and earn these millions?
  • How many millions can I make in just one deal?

This step-by-step How to Become an Oil deal facilitator completely answered all the above questions and takes you step-by-step to successfully closing an Oil Deal within weeks or months. If you can invest few hours per week making your own schedule and follow the step-by-step instructions, you are on your way to financial independence and ultimate freedom. Please read on.

This Article is not for you if:  You want to get rich quick without working smart.

·        Oil deal secrets revealed:

The secrets surrounding oil deals around the world has been revealed in this book for the first time. There are millions of barrels of Crude Oil being sold daily around the world.  You can close a deal in any part of the world.  Just a click of your mouse and few phone calls plus extra smart work. You will learn step-by-step, how you can earn a good money in just few months by successfully closing one Oil Deal working in the comfort of your home as a facilitator.

These secrets have not been made public because the participants do not want the public to learn their game. These oil deal giants have been very privileged to learn the game and have constantly made people feel that one has to be a millionaire before he/she can participate. This is not true. We have revealed in this step-by-step guide how you can participate and become a formidable player in the Oil Deal Industry with less than $100, in your bank account, just to start.
This is Easy and Simple!  Just from your dinning table you will work at your own pace and make thousands of dollars within few months. There is no hidden cost. No huge investment. No upfront fees. (I MEAN “NO FEES UPFRONT”) 

This is the first and the only module for public consumption that takes you step-by-step and show you how you can join the millionaires with less than  $100 in your bank account and make millions of dollars within few months after successfully closing your first deal. This article is the first of its kind ever published. You will also learn all the sources and how to negotiate deals on behalf of your buyer or seller. This article is filled with does and don’ts that will guide you through successful execution of your first oil deal.

·        Financial Freedom

  • We all deserve the right to know these secrets kept for a long time by this millionaire oil dealer’s agents and facilitators.
·        Everyone deserves the right to own luxury cars, exotic homes, a yacht, a private Jet and fat bank account. Becoming an Oil deal Facilitator brings millions of dollars into your bank account and will change your life forever. Your friends and relatives will be wondering where the money is coming from while you sit at home or how much your present job is paying. The 9-5 schedule will become a thing of the past. People around you will start to notice the changes and the level of happiness in your family. The dramatic financial independence brought into your life by this step-by-step guide will be the ultimate envy of your peers.                         


If you are wondering how much money you are to invest stop wondering about it. There is not much to invest. You are not into those get rich quick scam. This is a practical business. No funny phone calls to make. Just read on.  Below is your total investment run down.

·          Your Phone Line           $50.00 Per month.
  • Your Internet Access        $25.00 Per month.
·        Your Total Investment        $75.00 Per month

Note: If you already have a home phone and Internet access, your investment becomes ZERO
What is Next?
Now you have come this far, let’s get to work and examine few conditions before we continue with the excitement inherent in this Step-By-Step manual.
I understand that you can’t wait to know how fast and easy you will start making money by following the Step-By-Step instructions in this book. In the next module (2), we will reveal your title, which will enable you to make money as this module is titled. The next module will discuss who an Oil Deal Facilitator is and his or her role in closing any Crude Oil Deal. We will now answer the question:” What and Who, is a Facilitator?”

Module Two

Module Two Preview

When you complete this module, you will be able to understand, master and fully describe the items in bullets below.
•        What is Facilitating an Oil Deal?
•        Who is the Facilitator?
•        What can he/she facilitate?
•        How can you qualify?

To learn more on how to get this amazing Step-By-Step Manual, kindly leave a comment with your contact information. Your contact information will not be published and it will be classified as a confidential document.

I expect Hearing from you soon,
Very Sincerely,

Sam Nelson


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